Greek Goddess

The summer is coming to an end. Some will be like “THANK GOD”, others complaining they didn’t have enough. I can say I am happy that we are close to an end, I enjoyed my summer, relaxed, swam enough to be bitten by a jelly fish, being on the verge of smashing my feet on a sea urchin, managed to get an adequate amount of fines for parking next to the beach, got sufficient sun burns and left with barely no savings. I must say I miss my everyday life, moving around the city, having a proper wifi connection, go to a beautician (which right now seems essential), going back on tread mill – even if the idea right now kills me – concentrating on my blog and essentially contemplate on what I shall do about my life.

With this colder air of melancholy and the days getting shorter, I pulled out a white dress to contrast my now dark coloured skin. This outfit is great if you have an elegant beach party coming up. You can wear a plain dress and easily brighten it up with accessorize (as always), so I decided to go for big golden earrings and a bracelet cuff to go with it. I tied my hair in a big bun to make the earrings pop out more, and to give a “greek goddess” look to the overall. A basket bag can do, avoid wearing big labelled brands, keep them for the city.

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Dress: Zara
Earrings: Osanna Visconti di Modrone
Bracelet: Vintage
Bag: Hand-made in Greece

Photos by Aldo Silvestroni


Marè Verve

If you’re bored of wearing sandals, and you can’t stand everyone having your same, identical espadrilles, don’t worry Marè is your solution. Marè is a new brand designed by two talented and young Italian lads, whom created a shoe perfect for every occasion, whether it’s the beach or a fancy party. The brand came up when travelling around the world and being fascinated by the different fabrics they found in India, Thailand and Peru. They decided to create something unique from these materials merging their Italian style to faraway fabrics, producing not only shoes but also backpacks and t-shirts . They are only at the beginning of this amazing experience, but I am sure they will be able to make us day dream around the world with the different products they are about to surprise us with. Follow @themareverve on Instagram to follow their journey around the globe and to be featured on their page wearing Marè wherever you are!

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Top: Marè
Shorts: Levis
Belt: Uno de 50
Shoes: Marè
Earrings: Biffoli
Watch: Swatch
Backpack: Marè
Sunglasses: Solar, Dior

Photos by Aldo Silvestroni

Straw Hat

Lately, it has been very difficult to find a wifi connection and especially to find the time to sit down and work on my blog. When you’re on vacation with friends and family, the time that you have for yourself is very little. The day is all about waking up, getting ready, packing food, getting on a boat, reading, chatting, swimming, exploring, drinking, dancing, eating, sleeping, more drinking, more dancing, and it can go on like this for more than a week. The time for breathing and relaxing is rare, if your aiming towards a peaceful holiday I do recommend you go by yourself! I am in Sardinia right now, one of the most beautiful places in the world, I believe. The water is crystal clear and everywhere you go the view is something breath-taking. The view from my balcony offers a 360° view of the hundred of yachts which have come together from all over the world to enjoy this place. It’s still amazing to see how Italy is able to attract worldwide tourism and is still considered as one of the top summer destinations.

The MUST accessorize for this summer, is a hat. You don’t need to go out and purchase one, it’s simpler, I am sure your grandmother stores a dozen of vintage hats somewhere which you can easily borrow for the day. A hat can make a whole outfit, so either you go for a simple look with a long white dress and the hat to finalize the whole, or you can go for something more studied. I decided to go for suede mini shorts and a white long-sleeved top. Let me know what kind of hat you like wearing during the summer, and how you prefer wearing it!

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Top: For Love and Lemons
Shorts: Lucky Brand
Bag: Zadig & Voltaire
Shoes: Zara

Photos by Aldo Silvestroni